We encourage you to study with us to reap the benefits of this quality education, and to experience Canadian culture and the lifestyle of beautiful Vancouver Island.

Welcome to the Nanaimo-Ladysmith International Student Education (ISE Nanaimo) Program. For more than a decade high school students from many nations of the world have been studying in Nanaimo to take advantage of the top-quality Canadian education that we offer. Some students come to improve their English skills and to learn about Canadian culture while advancing their knowledge in mathematics, sciences, social studies. Others come to graduate with a British Columbia High School Diploma in order to advance to university.

School Year

The high school year consists of two five-month semesters:

  • September to January
  • February to June


Extracurricular Activities

School life in Nanaimo offers many extracurricular activities, including:

  • athletic teams (soccer, rowing, golfing, basketball, rugby, etc.)
  • clubs (drama, newspaper production, yearbook production, etc.)
  • performing arts (jazz band, tour band, dance club, musical theatre)
  • social events (dances, school spirit promotions, etc.)

Many courses to choose from:

  • Secondary School Calendar

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  • Academies

  • Academy programs are available in Nanaimo Ladysmith Secondary Schools: